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In the past many people were troubled by choosing between wood decks and fences or ones that were made from vinyl, composite, or other artificial materials. Some people have been averse to wood fencing and decks because of the increasing maintenance that occurs as it ages.

In recent years composite and other artificial material manufacturers have advanced their technological processes to better mimic the appearance of natural wood, without the need for excessive maintenance.

At the same time a composite deck or fence can benefit from a little seasonal cleaning. A gentle washing with warm soapy water and a soft brush can help remove dust, minor surface stains, and other materials that might have adhered over the course of the long summer.

It can help to work with one board at a time. Ideally you want to choose a dry day with low wind. This will allow the wet fence or deck to dry naturally without any dust or pollen in the air adhering to the surface.

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