Make the Most out of Your Outdoor Living Space With a Deck, Pergola or Fence That Fits Your Budget

What are the benefits of adding space to your outdoor living area? Turns out, there a quite a few! Here’s why you should consider upgrading your back yard with some outdoor home improvements by extending your living space. -Spend time with friends and family or just yourself. Being outside in the fresh air, enjoying the… Read more »

Are You Wanting a Timber Pergola Built for Your Home in Utah?

At Family Fence in Utah, we have been supplying high-quality, durable timber pergolas for our customers to enhance their homes and property for years now. Pergolas are a wonderful way to expand and enhance your outdoor living space while adding shade, privacy, and comfort. One of the reasons homeowners enjoy our timber pergolas is the… Read more »

Did You Know You Can Add Marketability to Your Home and Property With One of Our Beautiful Fences, Decks, or Pergolas?

Installing a privacy fence in your backyard has the added appeal of increasing the value of your property and home’s marketability when you sell it, especially if your view is not as aesthetically appealing as it could be. Having a fence already installed will protect your potential buyer’s loved ones without having to wait to… Read more »

Are You Debating on Whether or Not to Add a Deck to Your Home? Read on to Find out Why We Recommend You Say Yes!

Our team at Family Fence Utah builds high-quality decks for our customers. Our step-by-step process involves creating a solid deck using the best material for our composite decking. You can choose your colors to help your deck stand out or blend in with your home. Our lumber is handpicked and resistant to insects and mold… Read more »

Are You Looking to Add a Fence Around Your Property? Family Fence Utah Offers Vinyl and Iron Fencing for Your Home!

Our experienced team at Family Fence Utah offers beautiful and functional fencing installed with strict standards for your property. If you are looking for a way to mark your property lines while providing protection and curb appeal, you have two kinds to choose from! We serve the northern Utah area by offering sturdy and aesthetically… Read more »

Which Material Suits Your Home’s Outdoor Style, a Timber or Vinyl Pergola?

When it comes to your home, you want the outdoor living area around your property to look as appealing and be as functional as the indoor living areas. One of the ways you can make this happen is by expanding your outdoor living area with the help of a covered pergola. Like a balcony or… Read more »

Planning Home Improvements in 2020? Family Fence in Utah Is Ready to Help You With Your Fencing Needs!

When it comes to fencing in Utah, Family Fence has been helping our local customers with the quality fencing materials and construction they deserve. For your convenience, we offer premium vinyl fencing or ornamental iron fencing and both are excellent, depending on your needs. Every fence we build is guaranteed to have the same strict… Read more »

Expand Your Living Space and Enjoy the Great Outdoors This Winter With a Fence, Deck or Pergola to Shelter Loved Ones

When it comes to enjoying your home all year round, you can experience Utah’s great outdoors without ever driving off your property, thanks to home improvements by Family Fence Utah! We offer fencing, decks, and pergolas that can beautify and expand your outdoor living space. Fence Whether you have children or pets who want to… Read more »

If You Are Looking for a Quality Deck to Enhance Your Utah Home, Our Family Fence Team Is Here to Help You!

It’s that time of year again where the season will be changing from fall to winter soon. The weather in northern Utah this time of year can affect decks made of natural materials. Whether it’s from inclement weather, ice deposits that become trapped or the freeze-thaw effect, these conditions can potentially transform a minor imperfection… Read more »

Enjoy the Great Outdoors This Winter in the Comfort of Your Backyard With a Covered Pergola!

A pergola is a great way to entertain family and friends while adding a beautiful accent to your landscaping. When the weather gets cold and snowy and you want to experience the outdoors without leaving your driveway to trek up to the mountains, a pergola can give you that outdoor nature experience in the comfort… Read more »