Season-Proof Your Pergola for Ambiance All Year Round

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and don’t want to be cooped up indoors during the winter months, you can still enjoy your pergola during the winter months as much as the summer. All you need to do is “winterize” it by adding a source of heat, whether with a fire-pit to roast marshmallows on… Read more »

Are You Looking for a Weather Resistant Deck This Winter?

Our Family Fence team has been supplying custom decking using high-quality construction and products for Utah homeowners for some time now. Our owner and operator, Kevin Anderson, is proficient in serving our community by providing quality decking which is often backed with lifetime warranties. Our customers not only appreciate receiving a high-quality product for their… Read more »

A Beautiful, Strong Fence That Will Stand out in Your Neighborhood

Our team at Family Fence has been helping customers acquire high-quality decking since 2012. When it comes to your property, Our owner and operator, Kevin Anderson, is committed to giving you the highest quality construction that you expect for your fencing needs. We also strive for top-notch customer service and the attention to detail that… Read more »

Preparing Your Timber Deck for Winter Helps Maximize Its Longevity

Wood decks have long been prized for their warm, natural feel and deeply textured grain. In recent years, capped composite technology and other artificial deck materials have attempted to compete with timber decks by claiming a similar appearance with a potentially longer lifespan. Yet, it is worth noting that whether you are looking to add… Read more »

A Pergola Can Add a Touch of Beauty & Function to Your Backyard Landscaping

If you are wanting to add beauty to your backyard, a pergola is an excellent addition to your landscaping. This outdoor structure can be accented with climbing plants that add a shady spot to gather and relax with family or friends. It functions like an outdoor area to host guests, similar to a balcony or… Read more »

Are You Considering Adding a Fence to Your Property?

When it comes to your property, having a fence is the first thing visitors will notice when they stop by. You want your fence to be easy to maintain while staying on budget. The first thing you’ll want to do is to keep in mind what kind of property you are wanting to enclose. For… Read more »

Our Personalized Touch Can Help Your Deck to Accent Your Yard

Sometimes a contractor will not include a deck in a new construction home. They simply provide the sliding glass door and perhaps a ledger board. Of course, the advantage of a home like this is that it gives you the opportunity to design a custom deck that matches your vision and budget. Here at Family… Read more »

A Simple Deck Cleaning Helps Maintain the Appearance of Your Capped Composite Deck

In the past many people who were interested in adding a deck to their home struggled to choose between the visual appeal and high maintenance of a wood deck and an easy to maintain vinyl deck. In recent years manufacturing materials and technology have developed to offer capped composite decking, which offers much of wood’s… Read more »

Attention to Detail Is Required When Expanding a Deck

An existing deck can be an important selling point when you are shopping for a new home or thinking about putting your home on the open market. Homeowners with a small deck and sufficient yard space often contemplate expanding the deck. In some cases, it can increase the perceived value of the property, or simply… Read more »

A Capped Polymer Deck Closely Mimics the Appearance of Natural Wood

Many homeowners who are considering adding a deck or patio to their outdoor entertainment space debate between natural wood or artificial materials. A wood deck is often prized for its warmth and natural feel. However, wood decks often require an increasing amount of annual maintenance. Here at Family Fence in Utah, we have been helping… Read more »