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In the past many people who were interested in adding a deck to their home struggled to choose between the visual appeal and high maintenance of a wood deck and an easy to maintain vinyl deck. In recent years manufacturing materials and technology have developed to offer capped composite decking, which offers much of wood’s warm feeling, with the easy maintenance offered by artificial materials.

While capped composite deck boards are not prone to cracks, splintering and other damage, they still do require some minor routine maintenance in the form of a seasonal cleaning. Removing dust, pollen and any tree debris from the deck also helps it look and feel just like it did on the first day it was installed.

The first step is to remove any plants or furniture from the deck. If they are left in place dust and other debris can accumulate near corners and seams. You should then sweep the deck thorough. Be sure to wipe down any vertical surfaces to also clear them of dust and lingering pollen.

You can then spray the deck down with a hose to thoroughly wet it. Spraying an additional deck cleaner can also help remove any surface debris that sticks to the capped composite deck boards. A gentle scrub with a medium-bristle brush should clear everything away. If there is a tough food stain in an area you might want to let it soak for ten minutes before brushing again.

When you are done you can use the hose to spray the deck clean. Then allow it to dry naturally before moving your furniture and plants back into place.

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