Pergolas are a great way to accent your backyard. They can help highlight certain areas, and they are also a great gathering place to entertain. Whether you have a small party or a large family gathering, we want you to have the necessary means to take care of it. With both vinyl and timber options, we can help get you that perfect spot to free you from the sun on those hot summer days (even if you just want to hang a hammock and cozy up with a book.)

Vinyl pergolas are strong and built to last. They are a great option for a clean white or tan look without the maintenance that a timber pergola requires. Inside of our vinyl support posts are galvanized steel posts that help to secure your pergola to a deck or cement pad. We custom route holes in the posts to fit the support beams. Inside the support beams of the pergola, we use strong, glue-laminated structural lumber to help avoid sagging and to make sure that your pergola can support the accumulating snow that often comes with Utah winters. On top of the support beams, we have joists with lumber on the inside to also help sustain the snow loads. With a roof of this magnitude, we don’t take chances.

We can accommodate most design ideas with vinyl pergolas; however, there are limitations with how far we can span with the glue-laminated structural beams. Sometimes this requires using another support post somewhere in the span. In most cases, 14’ is the maximum length we can span without adding an additional support post or changing to timber. For questions regarding specifications, please call us at 801-836-2841. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to help.

Timber pergolas are a great option for anyone who wants the warmth of natural timber and would like to emphasize their backyard hotspot. Timber pergolas are rugged and have a more dominant appearance than a vinyl pergola. The posts used for most of our timber pergolas are a bulky 8×8, and normally the support beams and rafters or joists are dominant as well. The great thing with timber pergolas is that we can stain them in most colors, and we have larger, more spacious options to avoid support posts if necessary.

At Family Fence, we realize there are a lot of other choices for pergola companies in Utah. Some of these other companies claim to be the “best,” a “specialist,” or an “industry leader,” yet they usually fall well short of their names. We uphold simple business principles at Family Fence of honesty, integrity, and perseverance. We treat every customer like family, and we provide a hardworking team that focuses on details you won’t find anywhere else. Bigger is not always better.

We invite you to contact us today at 801-836-2841 to learn more about pergolas in Utah and to get a quote for your next project. We are eager to hear from you!