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If you are an outdoor enthusiast and don’t want to be cooped up indoors during the winter months, you can still enjoy your pergola during the winter months as much as the summer. All you need to do is “winterize” it by adding a source of heat, whether with a fire-pit to roast marshmallows on or an outdoor heater to keep your body toasty.

You can even add windbreakers that come in a variety of forms, such as glass, acrylic, or fabric. If you have a canopy, all you need to do is keep it free of snow. And if you want to tamp down the direct wind, you can even put up some attractive pergola curtains that make it look and feel cozier; just make sure that they are water-repellent and mildew-resistant.

Bundling up in cold weather gear can also help you enjoy being outdoors, listening to a quiet snowfall or enjoying the wide variety of birds that stop by to use your bird feeders and stoke up on fuel. If you are sitting inside under a blanket, you would miss out on these seasonal treats. But you still want to be warm when you are out in the elements, even if it’s just your backyard. Many folks enjoy having a fire pit (wood burning or propane) or outdoor heater to help stay warm while watching their yard transform from autumn with its colorful leaves to white blankets of snow covering the landscape.

Add in a warm lap blanket as you sit in your pergola sipping warm coffee, tea or cocoa in the morning, or hot cider in the evening while enjoying the warmth of your firepit for an inviting atmosphere as you gather with family and friends. And don’t forget outdoor lighting that can help add a warm glow to your outdoor setting. If you like adventuring in the outdoors all year round, having a pergola in your backyard can help you get a taste of that in the quiet of your own backyard!

Whether you want to soak up the frosty ambiance and peace and quiet or want to host small parties or family gatherings while enjoying the outdoors surrounded by nature, a pergola can help you do just that. At Family Fence, we offer both vinyl and timber pergolas for our customers so you can enjoy Utah’s natural beauty year round. If you want to enjoy your home outdoors and want to work with a team of professionals committed to your satisfaction, please call 801-836-2841 today!