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If you are wanting to add beauty to your backyard, a pergola is an excellent addition to your landscaping. This outdoor structure can be accented with climbing plants that add a shady spot to gather and relax with family or friends. It functions like an outdoor area to host guests, similar to a balcony or patio. At Family Fence in Utah, we offer both timber and vinyl options depending on your entertaining needs.

Timber pergolas: offers your decor the warmth that rugged, rustic outdoor style brings to a home. Our timber posts are 8×8, with support beams, rafters and joints. They can be stained to match your decorating style.

Vinyl pergolas: these are clean and attractive as well as sturdy and strong – thanks to the galvanized steel posts, and glue-laminated lumber inside the support beams – for a long-lasting structure. They can handle Utah’s wintertime snow loads and are virtually maintenance free.

Common reasons homeowners cite for wanting to add a pergola to their living space:

– Pergolas are beautiful! Our vinyl or timber options and can reflect your personal decorative style and accent with plants, outdoor lighting, or decorative curtains.
– Pergolas offer privacy when you are relaxing outdoors whether by yourself with a hammock and good book or an intimate gathering with food and drink and conversation.
– Pergolas can add much-needed shade in the hot Utah summers as well as shelter in the winter if you are wanting to enjoy the outdoors.
– Pergolas add an extra space to your backyard setup, for example, adding a table with chairs and you have an outdoor eating area.
– Pergolas add an outdoor space to feature plants. Whether you hang wisteria or grape vines or place seasonal flowers in pots, this can add another dimension to your landscaping prowess.
– Pergolas add value to your property should you ever decide to sell your home and is an affordable addition. Similar to a swimming pool, home buyers like the curb appeal a pergola can add to the property.
– Unlike a pool, pergolas are easy to install by our hard-working professionals. We can design and build this addition easily to your home so you can enjoy it year round.
– Pergolas can be used along with a gazebo, patio or balcony. You can make this outdoor space as simple or intricate as you want to reflect your homeowner style.
– Pergolas can be created with the material – vinyl or wood – that suits your personality, home decorating style, and budget.

If you are a Utah homeowner, our family-friendly team invites you to contact us today at 801-836-2841 to learn more about adding a pergola to your property. We are excited to help you with your backyard landscaping needs!