A Composite Deck or Fence Can Benefit from a Seasonal Cleaning

In the past many people were troubled by choosing between wood decks and fences or ones that were made from vinyl, composite, or other artificial materials. Some people have been averse to wood fencing and decks because of the increasing maintenance that occurs as it ages. In recent years composite and other artificial material manufacturers… Read more »

A Vinyl Pergola Requires Minimal Annual Maintenance

Your deck or other outdoor entertaining space is meant to be a place to gather or relax. Adding a pergola to this area can enhance the appearance and experience. Some people also like to adorn a pergola with a canvas roof, sun shade, or trellised vines to provide additional protection from sun and rain. Here… Read more »

Natural Looking Decking

If you are looking for a sturdy deck that looks like natural wood, you have come to the right place! EverGrain Decking is offered by Envision and is a special type of composite material that has an appearance and texture that reflects the look of natural wood. Here at Family Fence, we strive to give… Read more »

Attention to Detail During Installation Helps Reduce Annual Fence Maintenance While Increasing Long Term Value

Many neighborhoods throughout the United States have closely spaced homes and living quarters. This makes a quality fence of increased importance for privacy and aesthetic reasons. Not only will it allow you to relax in your yard, but it can also increase the perceived value of the property. Here at Family Fence in Utah we… Read more »

Fiberon Decking Offers Vibrant Colors

Many people will choose a timber based deck because of its initial visual appeal. Deep wood grain appearance and vibrant natural or stained colors can seem appealing at first. However, as time goes on timber based decks can gradually start to degrade or require yearly maintenance to prevent splintering, wood fractures, loose fasteners, and other… Read more »

A Timber Pergola Needs to Be Constructed with Exacting Standards

Adding a pergola to your outdoor deck can enhance your outdoor entertainment area while also helping to protect you from the elements. Timber based pergolas also carry with them a warmth and natural feel that many people enjoy. As time goes by the lumber, and any timber based components, and certain hardware elements might need… Read more »

Trex® Can Provide You with a High-Quality Eco-Friendly Composite Deck

A composite deck is often easier to maintain and lasts longer than a timber deck. The Trex® brand of composite decking has spent years developing a reputation for providing high-quality, eco-friendly composite deck materials. Each deck board is made from 95% recycled materials, thus lowering the overall environmental impact of the product. Trex® is available… Read more »

Fencing Options

Here at Family Fence located in Utah, we are proud to specialize in premium vinyl fencing, as well as elegant ornamental iron fences, depending on your taste and needs. If you are thinking about a fence for your yard, then you have come to the right place! Family Fence can help! Family Fence follows high-quality… Read more »

EverGrain Composite Decking Looks Like Natural Wood

In the past, people who were interested in adding a deck to their home were forced to choose between a composite material’s durability and the natural appearance of timber. Over the years, composite deck technology has advanced to allow artificial materials to mimic wood’s natural appearance, combined with composite’s low maintenance and durability. One of… Read more »

A Roofed Pergola Can Give You a Comfortable Outdoor Spot

A timber or vinyl pergola can be a great addition to a deck or outdoor entertaining area. This gives you and your guests a place to gather and it also increases the perceived value of your home. Pergolas are available in a wide range of materials and designs. Adding a roof, or shade, to your… Read more »