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Adding a pergola to your outdoor deck can enhance your outdoor entertainment area while also helping to protect you from the elements. Timber based pergolas also carry with them a warmth and natural feel that many people enjoy.

As time goes by the lumber, and any timber based components, and certain hardware elements might need some basic maintenance. Quality design, thoughtful material choice, and construction with exacting standards helps to set the kind of firm foundation that will allow your new pergola to stand the test of time while minimizing the need for routine maintenance.

Here at Family Fence of Utah, we have years of experience helping people to design and develop the kind of quality timber pergola that meets their vision. We will help you understand the best material choices, design elements, and we use only the highest quality fasteners.

Our dedication to providing you with a quality product is second to none. We are not directly associated or partnered with any one manufacturer. This allows us the freedom to help you choose the materials that will give you pergola maximum longevity.

When it comes time to erect the pergola our professional installers operate according to exacting standards from the moment they set the first footing to the final faster being driven into the wood.

If you are looking to add a timber pergola to your deck or existing outdoor entertainment space, you should call 801-836-2841 to speak to representative at Family Fence in Utah.