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Your deck or other outdoor entertaining space is meant to be a place to gather or relax. Adding a pergola to this area can enhance the appearance and experience. Some people also like to adorn a pergola with a canvas roof, sun shade, or trellised vines to provide additional protection from sun and rain.

Here at Family Fence in Utah we can help you pick out and design a pergola that matches your unique style and taste. We are not specifically affiliated with any one single manufacturer or wholesaler, which gives us the versatility to match your vision.

Routine and annual maintenance is a common concern when people design a pergola. While a timber pergola might be warm and visually appealing, many people are put off by the maintenance requirements that come as it ages.

If you feel this way we might recommend a vinyl or composite material-based pergola. This might include laminating a composite material over treated lumber, to provide maximum strength and longevity, while also minimizing annual maintenance.

This style of pergola might need little more than a gentle wash with warm soapy water every six months.

If you are thinking about adding a pergola to your deck or outdoor entertaining space, you should call 801-836-2841 to set up a consultation time with the representatives at Family Fence of Utah.