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Our Family Fence team has been supplying custom decking using high-quality construction and products for Utah homeowners for some time now. Our owner and operator, Kevin Anderson, is proficient in serving our community by providing quality decking which is often backed with lifetime warranties.

Our customers not only appreciate receiving a high-quality product for their decking needs but also appreciate how our customer service centers on building a reliable working relationship which stresses fast and efficient communication.

When it comes to your decking needs, because it is the cornerstone of our services, we work hard to make sure that each deck we build is done correctly. One of the ways we accomplish this with each of our customers is by using a special step-by-step method to build the right deck for your needs.

At Family Fence, we start with the materials we use for your project, and we utilize most brands of composite decking material. This means we can offer you your preferred choice of color and material. What we have found with many other deck builders is that they often have a tendency to work with a particular brand and only make those available to you. You end settling for the needs of the contractor rather than meeting your own preferences.

Our Step-By-Step Decking Process

We want to make sure that your deck lasts a long time with superior performance. That’s why we treat our customer like family, to provide the workmanship you deserve for a quality deck.

First, we take the product you have decided on and then add our lumber to give you the straightest, strongest decking available. We prefer kiln-dried Douglas fir as it has a low moisture count and is exceptionally resistant to insects and mold. While other decking companies rely on 4×4 posts, we usually opt for a stronger 5×5 support, combined with 2×10 joists for a longer life for your deck. Next, we level, square, and plumb the deck frame and add the composite material.

Here are the decking brands so you can find the one that you prefer:

Trex Decking – the original composite that is beautiful and hassle-free, fade, stain, scratch and mold resistant, environmentally friendly, and comes with multiple color options.

Azek Decking – this decking company offers a cool design tool and uses synthetic wood that won’t crack, warp, or rot and is resistant to moisture, salt, and bugs.

Fiberon Decking – along with offering vibrant colors, this composite decking is a high-performance, environmentally friendly wood alternative that looks just like natural wood.

EverGrain Decking – these composites perform well without painting or staining and are low maintenance and worry-free.

Do you have a decking project in mind, or would like to learn more about Family Fence in Utah and our customized decks? If so, please give us a call at 801-836-2841. We look forward to providing you with a weather resistant deck just in time for Utah’s upcoming winter season!