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Sometimes a contractor will not include a deck in a new construction home. They simply provide the sliding glass door and perhaps a ledger board. Of course, the advantage of a home like this is that it gives you the opportunity to design a custom deck that matches your vision and budget.

Here at Family Fence in Utah, we have been working with homeowners to help them realize their dream deck, fence or pergola, since 2012. We use a personal touch and exacting professional standards in designing, furnishing and installing decks that accent your outdoor space, while also potentially increasing the value of your home.

We can design the deck to work with your existing landscaping features, sprinkler systems and other characteristics of your yard. The process also involves making sure that your deck meets local regulations and possible homeowner association covenants, which includes a descript understanding of your property line.

Family Fence is not directly affiliated with any one manufacturer or supplier group, which gives us the freedom to present you with a wide range of material options. Whether you choose lumber, vinyl, capped composite or another artificial material for your deck, our technicians will be sure to select the material with an eye for detail and quality.

If you are a homeowner in Utah, and you are interested in adding a new deck to your home, you should call 801-836-2841 to set up an appointment with one of the representatives at Family Fence.