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Installing a privacy fence in your backyard has the added appeal of increasing the value of your property and home’s marketability when you sell it, especially if your view is not as aesthetically appealing as it could be. Having a fence already installed will protect your potential buyer’s loved ones without having to wait to have one installed. Our vinyl or ornamental iron fences make beautiful additions to your property, with professional installation being the key.

Composite Deck or Vinyl or Timber Pergola
Since outdoor living is more popular than ever, the same can be said for adding a composite backyard deck or vinyl or timber pergola, increasing the value of your property. Both offer visual appeal and increased living areas to enjoy with family, friends and neighbors for outdoor get-togethers. Along with places to gather they provide privacy from traffic, wildlife and unwanted intruders near your street. Both our decks and pergolas can improve your family’s livability with an increased sense of enjoyment.

Adding outdoor features to your home and property is a wonderful way to achieve the best Return on Investment (ROI) as well as make the most out of enjoying these added features while living there. At Family Fence in Utah, we have been helping satisfied Utah homeowners create the outdoor living spaces of their dreams. We are established in the community and offer premium quality materials and follow strict standards of installation to enjoy in the years to come or until you sell your home. For more information, please call 801-836-2841 today!