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A pergola is a great way to entertain family and friends while adding a beautiful accent to your landscaping. When the weather gets cold and snowy and you want to experience the outdoors without leaving your driveway to trek up to the mountains, a pergola can give you that outdoor nature experience in the comfort of your own backyard!

Winterizing your pergola by adding a heat source such as a cozy, wood-burning or propane fire-pit or outdoor heater can keep you and your loved ones warm while basking in the snowy silence. Did you know the silence after a snowfall is real? It has to do with how sound travels. When snow accumulates on the ground, it acts as a sound absorber that dampens sound waves, and there is lots of space between snowflakes so there’s less space for the sound waves to bounce around in. You are left to experience an incredibly quiet weather phenomenon, and with a pergola, you can experience the silence in the stillness of your backyard.

For additional ambience, you can enhance your outdoor experience by stringing up some bright white or colorful outdoor lights on your pergola so you have the makings of a magical winter wonderland without leaving your driveway! To feel even cozier, you can put up a windbreaker made of acrylic, fabric (like mildew-resistant pergola curtains) or glass to ward off wind.

So, if you want to enjoy the outdoors with a pergola this winter season, contact our team to get a quote on building yours, then pass around the cozy lap blankets and hot cider and enjoy making some heartwarming memories this winter season!

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