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When it comes to enjoying your home all year round, you can experience Utah’s great outdoors without ever driving off your property, thanks to home improvements by Family Fence Utah! We offer fencing, decks, and pergolas that can beautify and expand your outdoor living space.

Whether you have children or pets who want to play in your yard, a privacy fence can keep them in and keep them safe from intruders, traffic and wildlife.

In addition to fencing, we provide other outdoor amenities for your home enjoyment. Our decks can give you a place to keep outdoor furniture and heaters or an above ground barbeque pit. Just add some cozy blankets and heat up some cider or cocoa to take off the chill and your children and pets can play. Or, you can simply enjoy bird watching at your feeders. Entertaining friends and family around the fire can also bring the outdoors to you without heading out onto icy roads.

Along with fencing and decking, our Family Fence in Utah professionals can add an outdoor shelter with a beautiful pergola to keep your loved ones dry and cozy. You can watch them build a snowman (or two) or quietly enjoy a winter sunset.

We use only top-quality materials to construct our fences, decks and pergolas. No matter what your needs are for your home expansion project, we can help you better enjoy your outdoor space! Give us a call today at 801-836-2841 to learn more or schedule a consultation for a quote.