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Our experienced team at Family Fence Utah offers beautiful and functional fencing installed with strict standards for your property. If you are looking for a way to mark your property lines while providing protection and curb appeal, you have two kinds to choose from! We serve the northern Utah area by offering sturdy and aesthetically pleasing ornamental wrought iron fences in addition to premium vinyl fencing.

The iron fencing we offer adds a visually appealing aesthetic while protecting your family to complement your home’s appearance, including your yard, garden or deck. This fencing material can last for many years while being nearly impossible to break. Many of our clients love these because they provide security while the design opens up your property visually.

The vinyl fencing we provide gives your property privacy, security and appealing aesthetics. They can block the outside world from seeing into your home if you have large windows and keeps your children and pets in and intruders out. We offer these durable fences in white, tan or grey equipped to withstand Utah’s seasonal elements.

This year consider taking extra precautions with the security of a durable, attractive fence around your home and increase your property value in the process. We invite you to call us at 801-836-2841 today to schedule a consultation.