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If you are unfamiliar with pergolas or what they are, pergolas are essentially a large, open structure which forms a shaded walkway, sitting area or passageway in your garden. Pergolas are similar to gazebos and may be an extension of a building or protect an open terrace. So, whether you would like to construct a vinyl or timber pergola to entertain company or host family gatherings, our Family Fence team can help!

Vinyl Pergolas

Our vinyl pergolas are sturdy and long-lasting. We offer white or tan vinyl pergolas that are low maintenance, unlike timber versions. Within our vinyl support posts, we have galvanized steel posts to secure your pergola to a deck or cement pad. We also custom route holes in the posts to secure the support beams. We also use strong, glue-laminated structural lumber inside the support beams of the pergola. This helps prevent sagging and ensures that your pergola will support the snow accumulation that Utah winters can bring. In addition, we have joists with lumber on the inside of the support beams, to hold snow safely.

Timber Pergolas

Timber pergolas are perfect for those who enjoy the warmth that natural timber evokes and the ambiance it provides for entertainment. Our timber pergolas are rugged and strong in appearance than a more sedate vinyl. Not only are the posts we use for (most) of our timber pergolas bulky (8×8), we often make the support beams and rafters or joists sturdy and dominant to match. Another feature of our timber pergolas is that they can be stained in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

We hope you will let us show you our pergola options to help you expand your garden ambiance. Please call 801-836-2841 to find out more!