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Since 2012, our Family Fence team in Utah has been providing local customers with the quality decking they have come to expect for their home and garden. We make sure that our decking construction and material enhances your property while also functioning at the highest capacity. From start-to-finish, we personalize your experience to give you what you want at exacting standards so that our work stands out from other decking framers. We want to make sure your deck is built right and looks great!

How do we accomplish this? Our unique step-by-step process starts with selecting the best materials. You get the colors and choices you desire since we use most brands of composite decking (most deck builders rely on specific brands and colors that accommodates the contractor rather than your wishes).

Once we help you pick the product you are happy with, we hand pick our lumber to┬ámake sure you have the straightest and hardiest lumber for your needs. Typically, this involves kiln-dried Douglas fir, as we have found it to contain low moisture and is highly resistant to mold as well as infiltration of insects. We prefer using sturdy 5×5 posts versus the 4×4 ones often used by other deck builders, and to make sure that your deck lasts the longest, we use 2×10 joists. When we install your decking, our team makes sure that the decking handiwork is level, square and plumb before we add in the composite.

If you already have an existing deck and are considering expanding it, we can certainly help you do so. Not only can a bigger deck potentially increase the perceived value of your property but it can open up your yard for outdoor entertaining. Our team has the skills to expand your existing deck by matching or updating the decking materials, adhering to your homeowner association covenants and making sure to adhere to your local building codes. We will make sure to factor in any required permits and upgrades.

Are you a homeowner in Utah looking to add a deck or expand your existing decking? If so, we invite you to contact us at 801-836-2841 to speak to one of our helpful Family Fence representatives. We look forward to helping you create the outdoor decking and ambiance you want!