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Your backyard is a place of peace and solace that can soothe you at the end of a long day. Here at Family Fence of Utah, our philosophy is founded on honesty and providing you with high quality products and installation to meet all your fencing and deck needs.

We understand that strict attention to detail during design and installation is essential for creating a high-quality fence that meets your vision.

During the design process, we will help you understand your material options. There are often small details that can have a major impact on the final fence. Our fencing specialists will work with you to help you understand the finer points that make the difference between a simple fence and a backyard sensation.

When it comes time for installation our technicians will make sure all the footings are sound and level.
Each post, gate, and fence panel is squared, and meticulously leveled. This gives you clean lines that allow the fence to be a focal point for many years to come.

This also helps to reduce future maintenance costs. As the years go by minor alignment issues in any element of a fence can grow, and even damage other elements of the fence. Taking the time to install a fence correctly, with the highest quality materials, extends its lifespan while increasing its value.

If you live in Utah and you’re in need of a fence for your backyard space, you should call 801-836-2841 to speak to one of the helpful representatives at Family Fence.