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Many people appreciate the rich and organic appearance of a timber based deck. At the same time, an all wood deck can also require significantly more work than a composite or vinyl material. If this describes your feeling and vision for your new deck the experienced consultants at Family Fence of Utah might recommend a capped composite deck.

As the years go by, the caprices of weather can cause a wood deck to suffer from things like splintering, cracking, decay, or infestation from insects. If any of these things happen to a lumber-based deck, it could require you to sand, stain and refinish multiple boards. In some cases, it could even require replacing multiple boards and refinishing the entire deck.

Since capped composite deck materials are created to not be susceptible to this weather-related defects and aberrations. Also known as WPC or Wood Plastic Composites, this type of deck material is ecologically friendly. Wood flour, which is a type of fine saw dust involved in lumber production is blended with recycled plastics to create a durable polymer decking material.

The end product, is a deck that looks very much like wood, yet also reduces the carbon foot print, while upcycling materials that would otherwise go to waste. In many cases, the only maintenance a capped composite deck requires is an occasional wash with warm soapy water.

If you live in the state of Utah and you’re interested in a capped composite deck to your home, you should call 801-836-2841, to speak to consult with one of the representatives at Family Fence.