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If you are considering adding a deck to your house or extending your current deck, you have a great deal to think about. You need to consider the size, and shape of the deck, it’s aesthetic enhancements, and the type of material you want to use.

Here at Family Fence in Utah, we have years of experience helping families and homeowners realize their visions for their outdoor spaces. We do not work with any one specific manufacturer, which gives us the freedom to help you understand your options. Then, our friendly and highly trained representatives can help you with the planning process.

Once your final design is determined we can also help plan the installation process. This includes pouring the footings, and selecting high quality fasteners, and hardware elements. We also strive to maintain high standards when it comes to material selection.

Our installation technicians visually inspect the lumber that is used in all timber-based decks. We make sure to hand-pick the highest quality boards for your project. In many cases, we recommend using Douglas fir for its superior load strength and appearance, and its resistance to rot and insects.

If you live in Utah and you are thinking about building or expanding a deck, you should call 801-836-2841 to set up a consultation with the representatives at Family Fence.