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When it comes to your property, having an attractive fence installed to mark your property lines can also add privacy, protection, and aesthetics. Our Family Fence professionals offer both premium vinyl fencing as well as ornamental wrought iron fencing for homeowners in the northern Utah area. Both come installed with rigorous standards that ensure your fence will serve your property for years to come.

Our premium vinyl fencing adds both privacy and security as well as visual appeal. This may be sought when you have windows with big open views, or you want to protect your children and pets when they are out and about in your yard. You may not want your loved ones being visible to people or wildlife passing by. Our vinyl fencing materials can also add to your real estate value while protecting your property. You can choose white, tan or grey and expect it to have a long life as it stands up to the elements. It is also easy to clean, strong and durable!

Our iron fencing is both ornamental and functional while providing security. They can be customized according to your needs and vision to accentuate your home, yard, garden or deck. These have superior long-lasting abilities and are virtually impossible to break. Part of their curb appeal is that they open up your property visually. What they lack in privacy they make up for with their open design. Thanks to their beauty and strength, they have traditionally protected historical as well as high-end properties.

If you are in the market for a high-quality fence to protect and adorn your property, we welcome you to reach out to our team at 801-836-2841 to schedule a consultation and receive a quote. We look forward to helping you with the quality materials and service you need!