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If you’ve recently purchased a new home, or you are simply looking to update or remodel your existing outdoor space, then chances are good you are considering adding a new deck, fence, or pergola. While this is often something that comes to mind in summer, the winter and spring season can also be a great time to design and plan your new outdoor space.

In some locations, changes in the composition of the soil, frost heaves, or ground freezing and thawing might make winter and early spring installation of a new deck, fence, or pergola, an impossibility. Having your plan and design already in motion can help speed the process of final installation, once seasonal conditions approve.

In a situation like this the friendly representatives at Family Fence of Utah, are happy to work with you to develop your vision for your new fence of outdoor space. We can help you understand the various materials to choose from, as well as necessary installation factors.

We use exacting standards to ensure that every fence, deck, and pergola that we provide meets all local codes, and will have a maximized lifespan. Since we aren’t directly affiliated with any one manufacturer you are free to explore the wide range of options offered throughout the industry.

If you are thinking about having a new deck, fence, or pergola installed for the coming summer, you should call 801-836-2841 to speak to one of the helpful representatives at Family Fence of Utah.