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A sliding glass window that gives way to a tall deck with a commanding view of your yard and the surrounding neighborhood not only has visual appeal, but it can also adds value to your house. Here at Family Fence of Utah, we specialize in creating decks, fences, and pergolas from high-quality materials to meet your vision.

We use exacting standards with every deck we provide and install. This includes the footings, posts, beams, stringers, attachment hardware, and fasteners. With a tall deck, you also want to pay particular focus to the stairs connecting the deck to the ground level. Our professional staff can help you create a stairwell that meets your vision and complies with local building and safety codes.

As a standard practice, we are not directly partnered with any one manufacturer. This allows us to use a broad scope of materials that can meet your vision without limiting your options. Our construction standards are also designed to make sure your tall deck and stairs will have the long-lasting value that truly adds to your home.

If you have a home in Utah that’s in need of a high-quality, visually appealing deck, you should call 801-836-2841 to speak with the specialists at Family Fence.