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Adding a deck, patio, or other outdoor entertainment space increases the value of your home and gives you a place to enjoy a little bit of fresh air in comfort. Of course, our team here at Family Fence of Utah understands that this can be a serious investment for any home owner. You want to ensure that the deck will last for many years with as little maintenance as possible.

The quality of the joinery hardware and fasteners makes just as much, if not more, of an impact than the lumber selection process. Strong joists help ensure the boards fit firmly for a long time to come.

Here at Family Fence, we use sturdy 2 X 10-inch joists and the corresponding width of boards. This gives your deck superior strength over smaller widths of lumber, like a 2 X 6-inch or 2 X 8-inch. The main joists are then fastened to 5 X 5-inch support posts. This gives far greater stability to the final deck than using 4 X 4-inch posts offered by other manufacturers.

Along with quality board selection and attention to detail put into the footings, this will give you a deck or patio space that can stand the test of time as well as the ravages of mother nature.

If you live in the state of Utah and you’re interested in adding a high-quality deck to your home, you should call 801-836-2841 to speak to one of the friendly representatives at Family Fence.