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An outdoor deck or patio space gives you a place to relax outside and entertain while also increasing the value of your property. Many contractors and suppliers have arrangements or cooperatives with manufacturers and wholesalers. When you go to them, their customer service staff either offers limited choices on materials and hardware or they attempt to steer you toward only considering their partner’s products.

Here at Family Fence of Central Utah, we are privately owned and do not operate under the constraints a manufacturing partnership. This allows us to help you find the materials, hardware, colors and other accoutrements to create the kind of deck that perfectly matches your personal vision.

We are also passionately dedicated to providing quick, effective communication to ensure that you receive the quality work and top-notch service. This is especially helpful for helping you understand the warranty durations and other critical deck maintenance information.

With decades of experience helping build, design, construct and realize the vision for the deck, we understand the finer points of the process needed to maximize your long-term value.

If you are considering a new deck or a total restoration of an existing deck in , Utah, you should call 801-836-2841 to speak to one of the helpful representatives at Family Fence.