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A timber, vinyl, composite or an ornamental iron fence can be visually appealing, can increase the value of your property, and can potentially provide you with the privacy your desire. A quality fence represents a significant investment. Here at Family Fence of Utah, we understand this and apply quality standards to every facet of the fences we provide and install.

The passage of time, the caprices of weather as well as the change of seasons can all have an influence on the materials, hardware, fasteners, and footings of a fence.

During the design process, we help you understand the features and benefits of a wide range of materials to meet your vision. When sourcing the materials, we will keep an eye out for any imperfections that might have escaped the manufacturer’s attention.

While installing the fence, we do not sacrifice quality. We use rigorous, strict installation standards on each element of the fence. This applies to every footing we dig and pour, each set of fence posts, the position of a gate, or the finish on a panel.

If you live in Central Utah and you are considering a new deck or a total restoration of an existing deck, you should call 801-836-2841 to speak to one of the helpful representatives at Family Fence.