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Sometimes even a beautiful summer day can be stymied by the relentless gleam of the high sun. Rather than retreat to the confines of the house, a pergola with simple vines or other vegetation can give you the shade you crave. This allows you to enjoy some time outside amidst gentle breezes and comforting sounds of nature.

Some good perennial choices for this include ivy, hops, vining flower, climbing roses, grape vines, kiwi vines, or even something as simple as green beans.

It’s also worth noting that even with a verdant green thumb, the plants using the pergola for support are adding extra weight and wind resistance.

This makes quality materials, joinery hardware, and professional assembly of utmost importance. Here at Family Fence in Utah, we specialize in both timber-based and vinyl pergolas that are built to last.

Our vinyl-based pergolas use support posts that have galvanized steel within them to help secure the pergola to your deck or prepared footings. We prepare holes in each support posts to fit the support beams.

Each of these support beams has glue-laminated structural lumber inside to help resist sagging and to make sure that your pergola can support plants in the summer and resist snow load during the winter. We then use joists with lumber on the inside for further support.

If you live in the state of Utah and you would like to use a pergola to create an outdoor relaxation space, you should call 801-836-2841 to speak to the helpful consultants at Family Fence.